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Our Approach

At BFL, we know the value of smart partnering.  Our hands-on project management, tightly focused leadership, and best-fit team practices deliver the professional expertise for your next construction project.  We are built on a solid infrastructure of proven systems, procedures, and processes; and we allow no room for half-efforts or cutting corners.

As a specialist in construction management we provide complete oversight of your project, from preconstruction to close-out and ongoing services through the warranty period.  Our superintendents manage all aspects of the on-site process, and our trade partners and subcontractors are selected for their proven experience and ability to provide quality workmanship per the agreed price and schedule.  As the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable buildings has increased, we have developed the knowledge base and the cadre of sustainable building consultants to ensure that your project meets “green building” goals.

BFL Construction is committed to the well-being of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.  At our jobsites, you’ll find one feature that sets BFL’s project management apart from the rest: consistent and comprehensive controls to ensure everyone’s safety, all the time.

We are a JV Driver Company

L’Hermitage Apartments

From Joint Venture to Joining Forces

Early in 2018, BFL Construction Co., Inc. was purchased by the JV Driver Group (JVD), an international construction and industrial maintenance firm based in Alberta, Canada.

As explained in the Summer 2018 edition of the magazine BizTucson, the decision to join forces started with a meeting in Phoenix between JVD mining construction expert Bill Elkington, BFL CEO Garry Brav, and BFL’s new president David Eves. The three were discussing the possibility of doing joint ventures for mining facility projects in Arizona.

At the time, Brav was researching ways to ensure the future of BFL once he let go of the reins. After the initial JVD/BFL meeting, the JVD executives contacted Brav about the possibility of acquiring BFL.

Opportunities for Growth

Since it’s launch in Alberta in 1989, JVD has expanded its reach and its capabilities partly by acquiring other Canadian construction firms in Vancouver, British Columbia, and elsewhere. JVD Group companies are top in their fields of high-rise residential and office construction, general commercial construction, civil infrastructure, petroleum processing and other large industrial facilities, and industrial maintenance all over the globe. The company has operations in Houston, TX, and owns a steel fabrication facility in Phoenix, AZ, so further expansion into the growing Arizona market made sense for the Canadian firm.

As JVD President Chuck Sanders told BizTucson, “‘…All over North America, we look for opportunities like BFL. When you find those opportunities, you get to know them and you’ve either got a good alignment or not. We fell in love with BFL right away.’”

Within a few months, JVD and BFL had negotiated an acquisition deal that allowed BFL to remain autonomous while also having the backing of a company with $1.2 billion a year in construction volume — the kind of backing that would help BFL pursue bigger projects and new markets. As Brav noted to BizTucson, the acquisition “‘gets us [now] to where it would have taken us another 10 years to get to with a little luck and some breaks.”

At the same time, JVD appreciated BFL’s expertise in hospital, general medical, biosciences research, and behavioral health facilities, a market niche that JVD had not intensively pursued.

As part of the acquisition, BFL merged with a small JVD partner firm in Phoenix, Luke Builders; the merged company is still called BFL Construction Co., Inc. This gave BFL an office in Phoenix as well as Tucson. BFL’s multifamily housing division, formerly known as Preferred Apartment Builders, is now called BFL Builders.

Learn more about JV Driver Group at JVDriver.com

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Here’s What to Expect from BFL Construction and BFL Builders.

We are passionate about providing industry-leading construction services.

Zero is a real number that ensures we all return home safely every day.

Our INTEGRITY leads to solid relationships with owners, designers, and contractors.

We have 47 years of experience with delivering excellent projects on schedule and on budget.

We specialize in value engineering, innovative approaches, and the use of technologies that improve speed and accuracy.

Our team is honest, collaborative, and dedicated to client service. This includes our cadre of trusted subcontractors and suppliers.

We are committed to delivering sustainable projects and achieving green building standards.

We contribute to economic prosperity, give back to our community, and support municipal business development efforts.

BFL Leadership

BFL’s executive team members work together to manage all divisions and both the Tucson and Phoenix offices.  Feel free to contact any of us with questions or comments.  We look forward to serving you.

David Eves


Alex Ortega

Vice President- Business Development and Preconstruction

Curtis Lostutter

Vice President / Advisor

Jennifer Mohs

Vice President – Project Administration

Our Mission & Values

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations, enhance value, and build trust. We aim to provide the highest quality workmanship, project cost control, accuracy in critical path scheduling, and on-time completion of the project. We offer our clients a team with thorough knowledge of the project — including the design specifications, municipal and regulatory requirements, the construction process, the materials, and the desired outcome.

We place the highest value on INTEGRITY — doing what we say we will do. We value open communication and full integration of our client partner and the design team into all aspects of the project. We value long-term relationships with clients, design teams, and trade partners.