Construction Cost Control

We focus on delivering the project by the most competitive method possible, while integrating the concepts of “best value” and quality assurance. Participating as an active member of the project team during pre-construction is where BFL, as construction manager, has the greatest impact in achieving defined project goals at the lowest possible cost.

Accuracy and Completeness

Being accurate early in the design process assures that we can get the best products for the project and also meet the budget. By reviewing all items as a team, we can catch any discrepancies and ensure the budgets include what the team both wants and needs. However, saving money in the initial construction budget is not always the best option if it is at the expense of the maintenance and operations budget, or results in a shorter project life span.

Costs are controlled by numerous means, including:

  • Reviewing initial scope, budgets, and schedules for content and accuracy.

  • Completing pricing and take-offs at each stage of the process.

  • Reviewing scope increases to keep the project within defined limits.

  • Conducting analyses with the whole team to bring innovative ideas and alternative systems for consideration, often referred to as “value engineering”.

  • Assessing energy efficiency, life cycles, and available technology.

  • Studying site conditions for maximum efficiency at minimum costs.

  • Pre-selecting qualified subcontractors for inclusion in the project or technical advice.

  • Developing schedules for maximum efficiency in labor and constructability.

  • Identifying long lead items and material purchases early in the process to determine the impact on project pricing, scheduling, and delivery.

  • Developing guaranteed maximum price contracts to minimize the owner’s risk.

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